CERT – Earthquake, Fire, Flood

Caliente Emergency Response Team

What is CERT?

Your Caliente CERT team plans and prepares for emergencies, act as liaisons between residents and first responders, and educates residents on emergency preparedness.

In an emergency, CERT team members, many who are FEMA-trained will:

  • Set up a command center.
  • Triage injuries.
  • Keep residents informed.
  • Organize immediate care by our medical team.
  • Communicate with professional emergency responders through our ham radio center.

Our ability to provide fast, accurate triage information and our ham radio capability enables us to get quick response from fire and rescue.

We are proud!
The Riverside Fire Deptartment named the Caliente CERT team
one of the best prepared in the Coachella Valley.

Who are CERT?

The Caliente CERT team has a safety net of nearly 70 community volunteers and a communication network for our community.

The team includes general members, area captains, board of directors, ham radio and medical teams, and our heroes – the recycling crew.

CERT Activities:


Our recycling crew enables us to continue our “green resort” initiative as we strive to keep our resort in pristine condition.

Emergency Preparedness

Our resort community follows guidelines that prepare and make us self-sufficient until first responders can arrive.

Emergency Drill

Drills are excellent opportunities for us to practice, assess and improve our emergency response in case of a disaster situation.


Are you in this picture?

Whether you’re an RV-er, snowbird, or full-time resident, whether your time commitment is small or large, your participation makes a difference!

Activities include organizational meetings, monthly radio checks, annual drill, and volunteer appreciation parties.

We are a fun and welcoming group.
Come Join Us!
Contact a board member:

  • Dick Madison, dmadisonjr@yahoo.com
  • Dennis London, dpgonefishing2@hotmail.com
  • Jim Eckmann, jeckmann@gmail.com
  • Linda Dierks, lindadierksvt@gmail.com


The recycling crew are CERT’s financial back-bone enabling us to be one of the best-equipped organizations in the valley and contributing to our “green resort” initiatives.

The CERT recycling facility is adjacent to the main dumpster outside the front gate. Residents separate and deposit recyclable items and the team sorts and transports them to the redemption center.

We are proud to have removed 65 tons of recyclables from the waste stream.

Can you chip in?


Percy Schlecht prschlecht@gmail.com or

Jim Harp jharpj@msn.com

Emergency Preparedness

It’s a fact. We are separated from essential services by the San Andreas Fault. In an emergency it’s essential that we are self-sufficient until first responders can arrive.

Never put yourself at risk. Safety first.

Make sure you practice these three principles:

Plan Ahead:

  • 1 gallon water per person/per day for 3 days
  • three-day supply of non-perishable food per person (peanut butter, granola bars, dried fruit, jerky, protein powder)
  • medications
  • flashlight with extra batteries
  • first aid kit
  • toiletries
  • pet needs

In An Emergency:

Take care of your household first.
Shut off your propane, water, and electric.
Chip in to help others.

Earthquake – Drop to the floor. Cover your head and neck and become a small target. Get under a table or desk if immediately available.
Fire – Keep a fire extinguisher and know how to grab it quickly. Don’t attempt to put out a fire larger than a wastebasket. Get out and call 911.
Flood – Stay in your home and listen for CERT updates.

In Advance:

Always keep sturdy shoes and a flashlight near your bed.

Put family numbers in your phone as ICE (In Case of Emergency) to contact if you’re injured.

Designate one family member to contact who will notify others that you’re OK.

Emergency Drill

It’s easy! Listen for airhorn blasts that alert the resort that a drill is in process. Put a towel outside your unit to indicate you are OK. Area captains can then triage the resort quickly.

We are CERT – You are CERT
Check us out!

Get In Touch

    Caliente Emergency Response Team, CERT

    70200 Dillon Rd. SPC 73
    Desert Hot Springs, CA  92241


    US Citizens Emergency Response Team – https://www.ready.gov/cert

    Earthquake Country Alliance – https://earthquakecountry.org

    Caliente Springs RV resort, CA has its own Emergency Response Team in the event of a California earthquake near the san andreas fault. The CERT provides Citizen’s Emergency rescue, disaster preparedness, information and emergency drill. Our caliente volunteers offer a recycling facility to keep our resort green and pay for the needs of our caliente springs CERT program. Many of the Caliente emergency volunteer are FEMA CA trained and keep residents informed via CERT radio in an earthquake emergency.